Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here at JOE'S BANK we notice things like the mortgage interest rates being lower than at any time in the last 37 years. While we have not yet received our bailout, we occasionally promote special home sales deals. HERE IS THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY, or perhaps the deal of 2009, it's really too early to tell....

This lovely property is Near OCEAN PARK, on the S.W. coast of Washington state USA. It is a short walk to the beach. NEW REDUCED PRICE - $189,000 For more on this lovely home, please CLICK HERE. In order to purchace this property, you will have to come up with your cash or mortgage from another source, as JOE'S BANK does not offer any services yet.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Madoff WHINERS have started to come out of the woodwork...STFU BITCH!
Maybe YOU lost a million dollars and won't be able to afford to run your gigant - o custom motor home.
WE are a BRAND NEW BANK, and have no idea how to run a brand new bank. We got troubles too, you know!
GET IN LINE, you can be FIRST right after JOE'S BANK gets OUR free bag-o-money!
We are so POOR we have to drive a 1990 Taurus to town! I mean HELLS BELLS, our motor home is a 1965!